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Friday, April 17, 2009

Fingerplays Take Practice

In order to be effective in the use of fingerplays, the teacher must first select a fingerplay that relates to current learning and then practice, practice, and practice. The more familiar and skilled the teacher is in reciting and acting out the fingerplay, the more effective the teacher will be in using and/or presenting the fingerplay.

Use fingerplays effectively ...

I once observed a teacher who effectively started a fingerplay and all the children joined in. At the end of the fingerplay, the child became very quiet. The teacher immediately responded with a loud "SEE HOW QUIET YOU ALL CAN BE!" Well they weren't quiet anymore.

Use fingerplays to quiet the children and capture their attention. When it is working, don’t stop! Move right on into the next activity.

Why practice fingerplays?

  • To be the most effective, fingerplays must be fun and engaging.
  • To be fun and engaging, teachers must know the material well.
  • Don't wait until you sit in front of the class to start learning a new fingerplay.
Practice in your car, practice at home, and repeat the fingerplay often with your students so they can get good at it too. The more students participate, the more they will begin to like it. Something new always takes a bit to catch on and become fun. Dedicate yourself to learning one or two new fingerplays a week and always use the one's you already know often.

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