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Monday, September 21, 2009

Teaching Tools for Circle Time

There are many tools teachers can use to introduce educational concepts during circle time to their preschool students for example…

Puppets – puppets are a great way to capture the attention of preschool age children. Preschoolers of all ages love to interact with and watch puppets.

Children’s books – a well selected book can kick off a thematic unit with a bang. Age appropriate books help to create interest in ideas by introducing them in a way children can relate to. Using “Big Books” can make it easier for each child in a large group to see the illustations.

Flannel Boards – some teachers use flannel boards to retell stories or to display shapes, numbers, and letters.

Easels – many teachers have an easel placed strategically in their classroom. Easels are a great way to introduce new concepts and to involve students in creating graphs, making charts, and sentence starters.

Projectors – technologically savvy teachers will use electronic devices such as overhead projectors and laptop computers attached to projectors to capture student’s attentions and introduce new concepts.

Display Boards – much like the boards used in science fair projects, display boards can also be set up to introduce concepts and provide opportunities for student participation. Display boards are also nice because they can be folded up and put away. Some teachers create a series of display boards to introduce ongoing concepts throughout the school year.

Using a variety of teaching tools can help capture student interest and keep students engaged in circle time activities.

Why should bulletin boards be a priority in your classroom?
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youlki22 said...

Proper tools and resources are a great help to implement your target/lesson plan at circle time. Here are few tips which helped me to get best results. Being interactive is main point while you are planning for a circle time. Sometimes being personal with your kids makes your task easier. Even a little touch of your hand or few words of praise can arise their enthusiasm level.

Deborah J. Stewart said...

Great points to add here! You are right, it takes more than just the right resources to make circletime great - it takes teacher skill, enthusiasm, involvement, and interaction. Thanks for bringing these things up!

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