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Friday, October 9, 2009

Halloween safety for preschoolers

Here is a cute idea that can be used to teach safety as part of your classroom halloween festivities.

Lights on - Lights Off

Share with your children this simple safety activity as part of your halloween festivities...

In advance
  1. In advance, take a walk inside the school and count the number of doors leading to a classroom and the number of doors leading to a closet or bathroom.
  2. For each classroom door, cut out a large, yellow construction or cardboard lightbulb shape.
  3. For each closet or bathroom door, cut out a large, black construction or cardboard shape.
  4. Place the lightbulb shapes on each door at child's eye level.
Get ready

Have the children make a mask or come to school dressed up in their favorite costume.
Let each child decorate a paper bag for an in-house trick-or-treat parade.

Talk safety first
Now it is time to take your students on a trick-or-treat parade. The students are all dressed up with bags in hand but before you do, use the yellow and black construction paper light bulbs to share the following safety lesson...
  1. Hold up a yellow paper lightbulb and remind the children that they should only go to houses with a parent and where the light is on.
  2. Hold up a black paper lightbulb and remind the children that they should never go to houses without a parent or where the light is off.
Take your students on a trick-or-treat walk around the school. Before going to each door, ask the children if they should or should not knock on that door. Why? Is the light on or off? Be sure to have someone ready to hand out a treat behind any door where the light is on!

Have fun with your students and help them to always be safe!

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