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Friday, December 4, 2009

Preschool Quicktip #3: laundry lids

Preschool teachers are notorious for saving all types of house hold items for their classrooms. Be sure and add laundry soap lids to your list of items to save as well.

When you no longer need the lid for the container, just take it and toss it in with a load of laundry in the washer. Once you take the lid out, it will be nice a clean and ready for use.

Laundry soap lids are nice and large and come in all sorts of wonderful colors.

What can you use them for?
You can use the lids for flowerpots, water table scoops, sand table scoops, glue holders, paint holders, sorting dishes, and more. A bright and colorful collection of lids will be a great addition to your classroom environment so hang on to them and use them!

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razie said...

Thanks I like this, always thinking of new ways to put things into for my kids. Another good one is the single vegie trays from Green Giant.

Freddae' said...

Great ideas. I would not have been creative enough to think of those. Thanks for sharing.

Barbara Blalock said...

We actually collect all kinds of lids at for teachers to use in their classrooms. Thanks for posting this!

Michelle said...

AHHH... I know I have a bag of those around here somewhere :) I knew I saved them for something and put them on the storage shelf and promptly forgot about them. Thanks for the reminder :)

Teacher Tom said...

When I first started teaching, my parent educator told me that I'd now joined the ranks of the "middle class bag ladies." =)

We also use our lid collection for making different sized circle prints at the art table, using everything from pop bottle tops to giant Costco-sized lids.

Preschools should be getting some of that government money for the new green economy -- we recycle everything!!

Deborah J. Stewart said...

You are correct Tom, everything I look at around the house I tend to think of something that I could do in preschool with that item. It is hard to throw things away. My husband makes me clean out the garage in the springtime - he says if you haven't used it then lose it. I just keep thinking that I might use it!

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