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Monday, March 8, 2010

Sweet glue for preschoolers

Add some food coloring to corn syrup and you have a very sweet glue mixture!

I took these photos at a local school I visited and noticed the blue bottle of corn syrup (made by adding food coloring). 

The children painted a little fish bowl cut out with the blue corn starch.

Then they added little construction paper fish on top of the corn syrup.

Next they sprinkled on a few little beans to make the gravel in the bottom of the fish tank.

Then set it aside to dry!  The blue corn syrup will dry like glue and stay blue!  

It takes a little more time for the corn syrup to dry so be prepared to set the finished projects aside overnight.


Teacher Tom said...

We've done this before, although I use Q-tips for painting because it's kind of a pain to wash out the brushes.

I should also mention that in my experience they take about 4-5 days to completely dry and don't even think about it if you tend to have a sugar ant problem! I've learned these things from experience!

That said, I really like the smooth, shiny finish. Some my kids like to make many multi-colored dots and call them "jewels."

Miller Moments said...

how fun!! i'm thinking we might have to work that into our day today... :)

karen Nemeth, said...

Off the subject a bit: My grandfather always told the story of how he was getting ready for a date when he was a young man. He ran out of hair cream and he wanted to impress the girl with his smooth, slick hair - so he tried combing it down with sugar water. It worked great until he rode the open top bus to meet her. The breeze dried out the water, leaving him with flakes of sugar on his hair - and a group of bees that wouldn't leave him alone! Moral of the story - using corn syrup is great as long as you know the bugs in your environment!

Ayn Colsh said...

I haven't tried the corn syrup...yet. A few teachers at my school made Christmas light pictures with it and they turned out beautifully. I'll have to try it soon!

Deborah (Teach Preschool) said...

Karen - hahahahaha!

Ticia said...

I bet that's sticky while it's not dry. BUt, it sure looks fun!

welcome to our wonderland said...

we've done this in the past! don't use if your center or house is prone to ants (it was like a memo got out our prek room was swamped with ants :) hey we turned into a science day and ant farm! :)

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