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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sing it Again

A couple of days after presenting the 'Simple Songs for Preschoolers' workshop, I took the opportunity to visit one of the schools. The teachers didn't know I was coming, I just dropped in. 

What a thrill it was to come into this class and find them trying out some of the new songs they had learned. But first we had to stop and fix our hair!

After singing "Round and Round I Go" the children announced they wanted to sing the "Itty Bitty Worm!"  They all totally made my day.

This teacher had the sweetest voice and she was a great example putting what you learn into practice.  She wasn't able to remember all the tunes so she adapted the words to her own tunes!  She also chanted the Itty Bitty Worm. Excellent!

After they finished sing the Round and Round song several of the children shouted
Music to my own ears!


Felicia said...

Your right!! Kids can defiantly make our day! How cute

Teacher Tom said...

I'll bet that felt great, Deborah!

I really love to sing in class, but lately my seasonal allergies are making it painful! It's really hard to sing with a stopped up nose and my ears and sinuses start hurting.

What I've been doing instead is inviting the kids up to teach songs to each other -- some "traditional" and some made up. It's particularly fun for them because they get to sing into a microphone that I've attached to a karaoke machine! It's not perfect, but it's saving me headaches . . .

Deborah (Teach Preschool) said...

Making up songs is just as good as writing stories! Kids can be so creative! I hope you start feeling better soon Tom!

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