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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

ProSocial skills in the preschool classroom

I was asked by Noah of The People Garden to drum up some activities that promote pro-social sharing and negotiation skills for young children. I wanted to share this article so you could see the ideas as well. You will have to scroll down just a bit (past the very nice comments about me:) to see the activities.

There were four activities in all including...

#1 Sensory Play: Pepperoni Pizzas

#2 Music and Movement: Circle of Friends

#3 Creative Arts - Creating a rainbow

#4 Setting the Table

Click here to view each of these activities...


Elise said...

I really like how the children have to brainstorm ideas and propose the solutions. Such fun and creative ideas. It has been a joy to stop by your blog again.

Teacher Tom said...

These are all great ideas and Noah really does a great job of filling it out as a post.

I love working on problem solving with groups of children -- it's really why I teach preschool. They are capable of doing so much, especially if they work together. One of my mantras is, "Together we're a genius."

Deborah (Teach Preschool) said...

Thank you Elise for stopping by:) You are always so sweet!

Tom - I love that mantra! I will borrow it:)

The Honorable Mention said...

Love that mantra, too, Tom!
I's so glad we can get such great ideas like these!
Great job, Noah!

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