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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Recipes for home made art products

Each photo below will take you to a great craft recipe that you will want to hang onto!

Mama Jenn: Colored Rice

Delicious Ambiguity: Sensory Bottle

Crunchy and Green: Salt Art

Preschool-What Fun We Have: Flour Finger Paint"

Centers and Circle Time: Pastel Colored Rice

The Artful Parent: Salt Paint

Pink and Green Mama: Cornstarch Sidewalk Paint

Quirky Mamma: Bubble Art

Delicious Ambiguity: Rainbow Science

A Handmade Childhood: Egg Tempera Paint

Teaching 2 and 3 Year Olds: Rainbow Milk Painting

Not Just Cute: Shave Cream Paint

Excellence in Early Childhood Education: Sweet Glue

Too Busy for TV: Home Made Fingerpaint

Frugal Family Fun Blog: Bubbles


welcome to our wonderland said...

i have some homemade craft recipes too if your interested:

Teacher Tom said...

Seriously Deborah, no one ever has an excuse for being stuck for art projects again. I could get a year's worth of ideas just visiting here for 10 minutes. You're building an amazing resource here!

Deborah (Teach Preschool) said...

Tom - My problem is I can't decide what to do:)

Wonderland - I love it- thanks for sharing:)

Ticia said...

Awesome collection!

artsy_momma said...

Thanks for sharing such a great list.... we will definitely be making some of these!

Centers and Circle Time said...

WoW! Have I told you...You Rock! What a neat collection:) The colors are fabulous. I feel so inspired!

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